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Card Holder
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Introducing Latitude


Based on the japanese art of paper folding Origami - ???,
the Latitude Collection is designed for the contemporary traveler. Each model has its own story, its name representing a particular location from which it originated. With the 40 Card Holder, keep your minimal card set safe and start exploring the city.

One piece of leather, folded

Italian Leather

The 40 Camel leather has been chosen for its flexibility that facilitates origami folding craftship and to provide a durable daily usage.

40 Card Holder

Made for

Dimensions: 90x60mm

Credit Card Size Pocket: 1
Change Pocket: 1

in Paris

Le Marais

The Latittude collection is designed and handmade in Le Marais, Paris, a neighborhood historically known for its leather Artisans. Leather cutting, Skiving, Trimming, Edge Dyeing, Sanding, Hot Stamping, Hand Stitching: many operations come into play in order to create a Minimalistic & Elegant piece of leathercraft.

85 USD
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