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35° Nuit

Origami Pouch
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Introducing Latitude


Based on the japanese art of paper folding Origami - 折り紙,
the Latitude Collection is designed for the contemporary traveler. Each model has its own story, its name representing a particular location from which it originated. With the 35° Leather Pouch, store your earphones or small belongings in an original and minimalist way.

35° Leather Pouch

Made for
Contemporary Wayfarers

Dimensions: 145x90mm

Change - Earphones Pocket: 1

in Paris

Le Marais

The Latittude collection is designed and handmade in Le Marais, Paris, a neighborhood historically known for its leather Artisans. Leather cutting, Skiving, Trimming, Edge Dyeing, Sanding, Hot Stamping, Hand Stitching: many operations come into play in order to create a Minimalistic & Elegant piece of leathercraft.


70 USD
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