Why headphones ?

We have spent the last 2 years on the conception of our product and brand.

Above all, it’s a vocation. We wanted to live and create something new – create something real, good and beautiful. It’s a thrilling adventure and very rewarding to develop a new product, a new brand.

We have a passion for the industry; we are in love with technique in all of its forms, materials and industrial processes such as micro-acoustic or precision engineering for our headphones.

It’s sometimes with the eyes of a child that I watch our partners and people we are working with every day: designers, engineers, industrials; people with a know-how, transcending ages.

Headphones are a great product in essence, they are our connection to music, our travel companion.

  • We want to offer a beautiful object and do everything we can to make your audio experience the best possible by retaining only best components, best sound architecture.
  • We want to create unique and timeless objects, thought and made with the best materials and the best specialists in their own field.

We want to create the noble companions of your travels!

// Raph for Aedle



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