Interviews / Aëdle x Modern day Explorers

While we are on the verge of having our first fully functional prototype ready, we took some time to think about what this project really means to us.

We realized that all of what we have been doing so far is a form of exploration.
A new project, a new product, an adventure through the unknown that you carry out with all the talented friends you make on the way. This is what makes this ‘entrepreneurial journey’ so rewarding, day by day.

All of these values that we have learned to cherish with time can be found within music as well.
As listening to music is not only a way of entertaining yourself.
Music is an art and one of the most beautiful form of exploration as well.

We have decided to share this vision and went out there to meet remarkable people, not only musicians but scientists, photographers, movie makers who give us, by their work, their inspiration or talent, new ways of discovering things: Modern Day Explorers.

We hope that you will enjoy reading these interviews.

Aëdle team



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