Financing Aëdle Part II

An industrial project like Aëdle obviously requires money, for several purposes:

    • R&D
      This is the core of our project, it includes Design costs, Prototyping Costs and Testing Costs. Developing a new product from scratch requires many steps and often implies going back and forth between these different stages.
      Once you have your final product ready, you need cash for mass manufacturing and begin your project with a starting stock.
    • OTHER
      Marketing materials, website, transportation, administrative expenses etc. Everything you need to support the sales of your product.

At the beginning of the project, we only needed enough to develop our product in good conditions. The idea here was to calculate our R&D needs and a part of our ‘OTHER’ needs and then start finding the money. Below is the breakdown of our starting funds:

Aëdle funds breakdownIn total, we raised approx. 125 000 euros (approx. 170 000 USD).
Local initiatives funds include:

  • 6 000 euros from Fondation de France, through Audencia Nantes School of Management Entrepreneur Scholarship.
  • 20 000 euros from HDSI (Hauts-de-Seine Initiatives) and NACRE.
  • Bank loan guarantee supported by France Active.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them, don’t hesitate!

// Baptiste




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