Product Development – Aedle in Monte-Carlo

A quick update about the development of the Odyssey Headphones

AEDLE in Monaco

We are close, we are very close to the birth and launch of our babies.

To prepare for the mass production, I spent last week in Monaco where part of our engineer team is located. The goal here was to simplify and reinforce the weak points we noticed on our first prototype so that we ensure a smooth production and the best product ever!

We have spent a lot of time revamping the adjustment system we will use on the headphones. After research that took quite some time, we went to the lab and manufactured a prototype using precision engineering machine (drills and lathes).

Here are some pics taken at the mechanic workshop:

the vintage drilling precision machine

Eric, on the drilling ‘Old-Mama’ machine (you can notice a cup extracted from our first prototype)

 about silicone

The workshop boss and I discussing about silicone molds.

Aedle Adjustment System prototype

A reinforced prototype of the adjustment system (almost ready for mass production!)

We are getting there, so stay tuned!

// Raphael



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