Aedle at ‘Aeronautics’ ArtCurial auction

Passionate with aeronautics and everything it represents from state of the art technologies to the spirit of adventure, Aedle went to ArtCurial auction house ‘Aeronautics’ sales that took place last Sunday at Hotel Marcel Dassault on the Champs-Elysees.

The star of the auction was without a doubt the sale of a working Fouga CM 170 Magister Aircraft from the 50s, used by the famous french air patrol! Starting price: 60 000 € / sold for 88 521 €.

We would love to have these pilots wearing one of our Headphones!

Many other items ranging from Top Gun Revival stuff to out of the space furniture were on sale >

R-985 Wasp Junior Motor by Pratt & Whitney

This 1 174 mm diameter motor weighing more than 300 kgs was built in large quantities between 1943 and 1950 to supply light aircrafts or helicopters such as famous MH-1521, Vultee Valiant or Beech Expediter. I wonder where one could put this as a decorative object – in the living room maybe ? Starting price: 6 000 € / Sold for 12 751€

Pretty nice blue planisphere by Lucien Boucher – 1964. Starting price: 3 000 € / Sold for 4 463 €. We definitely would have this in our office !

We particularly loved this Mirage III Office Agnes Crepin, made of body parts from Mirage III Aircraft (Limited edition with 10 models available only) – starting price: 7000 euros / unsold !

We had the chance to get some pictures of the items that were put in the storage room before taken away by their buyers:

To conclude, what’s better than this ‘old school’ display from Air France to end this article ?

For more details about all the items that were on sale, it’s right here :

// Baptiste



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